Paintball fighting has now become a favorite sport throughout the world. It’s one great way to spend time with your friends and let of the stress form work or studies or just to have fun. There are a few enthusiastic out there that just love to play this game at a competitive level so here are a few tips that can help you get better that this game.


In this game it’s curtail that you remain aware at all moments especially if you are taking part in a paintball skirmish. Remember that simple combat principles apply here as well. For example don’t give all your focus just to one spot, even though you may think that the posing team member is in hiding in a spot don’t just give all your focus to that one place. Remember that you need to focus on all the opposing team members.


Rule of thumb in this game you should not stay in one place or keep returning back to the same place. Being in constant movement is one way to avoid being noticed by your opponents and they won’t be able to get you if they don’t know where you are. Don’t be afraid to advance in front and take out your opponents. Waiting for them to come to you may be more risking therefore make sure you get to them first that way you have the eliminate of surprise and you can take better advantage of the situation.


In a thrilling paintball skirmish in Sydney sometime it can be difficult to communicate properly with your team mates but it’s important that you try to. Remember this is a sport so to execute a offensive plan successfully you need to have good communication with your team members and everyone should be taken into use in a battle plan. Keep in mind that it is much easier to attack and defend when there is a team so if you must split up then at least try to go in teams of two and always be aware of where the other members of your team are as well.

Always remember that although this is a sport it can still be very dangerous. Therefore you must at all times wear your masks when you are out on the field. Don’t drink and play. This is a game that requires your full concentration even slightest slip of focus can result in an injury. Also remember that you should always shoot at a target. Don’t just blindly shoot hoping that it will hit someone. There are other people on the field beside your team and the opposing team. Blindly shooting can hit a referee or a player that’s leaving the field. Remember the safety is key to having a good time out there.