Drones are another latest breakthrough of technology that is demanded by many buyers. Many sellers and manufacturers have reported that their sales have increased, over the past years. As a fact, these unmanned aircrafts are becoming very popular. Very highly advanced types are used for military operations for identifying rivals, arms storages, hideouts, etc. They are also equipped with laser and missiles that are controlled by the operators at army bases.Apart from these high national security services, you might be interested about other uses. For example the following are projects and situations where these are utilized:

– Wildlife and movie industry: photography and videoing

– In disaster stricken situations to guide rescue teams

– Delivering dry rations and supplies in disaster zones

– News coverage by media

– Agriculture: farmers are able to view vast acres of land, infected crops using infrared features, etc.

– Delivery of products purchased online

Given the benefit of using theses drone in a number of situations, there are certain risks or disadvantages that have been identified. Here are 4 drawbacks of using these devices:

1. Invasion of privacy

It is one of the requirements if you are purchasing a drone from any provider and manufacturer such as 3dr drone. You are to research about the different types that are available and it there’s enough space around your home. Privacy has become a major problem and drawback of these small aircrafts.

Neighbours would not like to see these gadgets flying over their homes, lawns or in their path. It’s natural for humans to be anxious due to surveillance, even if it’s not the intention of the operator.

2. Required to insure it

Damages and injuries while in air are common incidents. This is an additional cost apart from spending on these expensive unmanned devices. As a fact, even though it is not compulsory, you might want to insure your investment. Unforeseen events cannot be controlled and therefore, it’s better to be safe and prepared to compensate in such situations.

3. Failure in military operations

There are many incidents that have been informed about it. For example some of it have been captured or destroyed by rival parties. As a fact, you lose the source of gathering information about the operations in the war zone. It has also been stated that they killed and injured innocent civilians due to misfiring.

4. Accidents

Whether you purchase it from 3DR or another store, a disadvantage is that these small aircrafts could inflict damage. Reasons such as malfunction and winds could take these out of your control. There are many reports by public complaining about injuries due to contact of a drone. In addition, incorrect landing has resulted in property damage as well.

Taking the above into consideration, you must be cautious and careful. Be aware of how to control the aircrafts appropriately and the safety guidelines.